Welcome to deep roots

Hey, I am Karlee!
I am a Natural Curl & Lived-in Color Specialist & the owner of Deep Roots Studio.

I have always had a passion for hair, but officially became a licensed cosmetologist in 2018!
I am a curly girl and rocked purple hair for almost as long as I've been in the industry. 

My personal curl journey started in 2016/17 after after  I encountered serious heat damage (sadly of my own doing). Once that grew out, I became curious as to how I could care for my unique curls as best as I could.   With lots of trial and error, it has been within the last 3 years I have truly come to understand my hair and what works best for me. Now I am inspired to share my knowledge and tips with anyone looking to do the same no matter their hair type + texture!

A little more about me...

 I'm the parent to two fur babies and one scaly baby: Moose, Nala and Tobi.

I enjoy going to the gym and being in nature when I'm not behind the chair creating art; whether that's going to parks, gardens, the beach, or paddle boarding in the local springs and rivers.

I am an avid plant collector and I enjoy spending time at home since I have my own little slice of a botanical garden there. I personally love collecting plants for their foliage rather than their blooms. I still can appreciate some beautiful blooms, but I really love how different each plant's leaves, textures and color patterns are. It reminds me just how different and unique each person's texture is, and how beautiful that can be - that's what inspired the name Deep Roots.

You can definitely expect to see plants when you come into my studio. Hopefully it'll give you slight jungle vibes while you relax and treat yourself!

Some of my favorite places.